Raiders win big over Porter's Chapel


The Benton Academy Raiders basketball team recently brought home a big conference win this week after defeating Porters Chapel 77-38.

Coach Steve Flemming said this game showed what the Raiders can really do, and proved to be their highest scoring game in the season thus far.

Having already beaten Porters Chapel early in the season, Flemming said that the Raiders were a little bit more confident going into this game.

"I talked to them before the game about just trying to have more confidence when taking shots," he said. "We had already beaten them once before so I know they had a little confidence."

The Raiders started out the game by applying effort on both offense and defense, scoring a few three-point shots and running a press, and closed out the first quarter with a lead of 15-10.

The Benton boys continued to push harder and gave Porters Chapel a run for their money, scoring another 15 points in the 2nd quarter, and ended the half still leading with a score of 30-23.

Flemming said that he used halftime to talk with the players, and make a few small changes to the game plan in order to keep the lead on the court.

"We made a few little adjustments on the offense that we were running," he said. "We fine tuned some things but there were no major overhauls."

The Raiders soon began to really show off their confidence in the 3rd quarter, adding another 17 points to the scoreboard.

Porters Chapel continued to push back on the court, resulting in several fouls and free-throws for the Raiders, which the Benton boys took full advantage of.

"They were fouling us a good bit and we made a good bit of our free throws," Flemming said. "We made a lot of shots and that is what we have got to do to win ball games."

The Raiders continued to play full steam ahead into the 4th quarter, sinking shot after shot, and widening the gap into a 30 point lead before sealing in the conference win with a score of 77-38.

"It's amazing when you score some points how much better things are," Flemming said. "Once we got a good comfortable lead it just seemed like we kept playing better instead of slacking off like teams tend to do sometimes.  We played a pretty good first half and a very good second half on offense and on defense so I was very pleased with it. "

Four of the Benton boys stood out on offense in this game by scoring into the double digits.

J.B. Middleton led the Raiders with 20 points, while Dylan Moore and Kyle Kuhn had 13 each, and Arion Warren had 10.

Flemming added that J.B. Middleton followed the game plan very well by keeping the Eagles best player under control on defense, while Zac Nesbit racked up rebounds in the post position.

"I think it was just a good team effort," he said. "They all were all playing well."