Yazoo's Most Wanted remains on the run


The man considered as Yazoo County’s Most Wanted remains on the run, and authorities warn the public that if you help him, you will also be charged with a crime.

Jody Tate, who is a habitual offender, led deputies on a high-speed chase before crashing his vehicle and running into the woods earlier this month.

Terry Gann, chief investigator with the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department, said Tate is wanted for several felony warrants and other investigations.

“We would like to put the warning out that if you house him or help him in any way, you will be charged with harboring a fugitive,” Gann said.

Deputies attempted to stop Tate a couple of weeks ago, which led to a high-speed chase with Tate almost striking a deputy with his vehicle.

Gann said the chase began on Highway 49 and eventually led to Anding-Oil City Road. Tate then traveled down Old 49, when he turned around and headed back toward Anding-Oil City Road.

“At this point, his car was breaking down,” Gann said. “He got to where the Anding-Oil City bridge is closed and crashed his vehicle. He was last seen running across the railroad tracks into the woods.”

Gann said new felony fleeing and possession of an illegal firearm charges will also be added for Tate.

to Tate’s growing criminal record.