Yazoo City Popeye's ranked number one in the world

Achieving worldwide recognition is not an easy task for many businesses, but one local franchise is jumping for joy at the reward for their hard work.
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen on Jerry Clower Boulevard in Yazoo City was recently awarded the rank of Number One in the World for Operations Excellence in 2016.  
The franchise was given a trophy in the form of a golden plate, engraved with the store's number and the achievement they received, and will soon be displayed for the public.
Thomas Sullivan, part owner of Popeye's, explained the qualifications that the store had to meet in order to win this award.
"Guest satisfaction is one part of it," said Sullivan, "that's where the guests call in every day and do a survey, and we always rank among the highest stores in every period."
"Another part is food safety and operations audits," Sullivan continued. "We have to have six audits each year, three from Popeye's and three from Food Safety."
Sullivan went on to explain that audits can be very stressful, as they are looking for any small imperfection that can be pointed out, such as a crack in the parking lot, or a broken or scratched surface.  
"The last part that they look for in the award is sales and transaction increases,  the amount that transactions increase from the prior year. We had an 8 percent increase in 2016 from 2015," said Sullivan.
The company takes all this data and enters it into a program that calculates a  score, and that score is how the individual stores are ranked.  
The award was accepted at the Popeye's Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, by both the owners and the general manager.
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen employs about 35 people locally in Yazoo City.  A few members of their day shift team had a lot to say about the exciting news of the award and what motivated them to reach their goal.
"I'm too happy!" said Tiffany Reed, prep person at Popeye's, with a big smile. "I was most definitely motivated.  We come in and have fun.  We may joke around a lot but it keeps us going."
"We are all like a big family up here and we all work together," said Lena McCullum, shift manager. "We laugh, we joke, and most of all we get all our work done.  It's a big team effort."
"It feels great!" McCullum continued, "It's a good success.  We feel grateful and we're going for it again next year."
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen thanks the people of Yazoo City for contributing to its success over the past three years, and hopes to maintain this standard of excellence for many years to come.