Williams, Clark & Morrison carries on a tradition that began nearly a century ago


Promoting growth in a small town like Yazoo City is often left to local business owners and municipal leadership.  But in order to ensure that new developments such as freshly paved streets or improved drainage systems are designed properly, skilled professionals must be called in to make sure things are done without harming the natural environment.

For nearly 100 years, the members and staff of Williams, Clark and Morrison Inc., Consulting Engineers, have been involved in almost every project and plan that has made improvements within Yazoo City.

Wayne Morrison has been serving as president of the firm since 2001, and said that the original founders started the business in 1921 because of their love for Yazoo City and Yazoo County.

Because of the wide range of projects they are involved in, Williams, Clark and Morrison has added more engineers to the fold over the years.

Other members of the firm include Chuck McGinty, a Senior Designer and Survey Manager for the last 20 years; Justin Pruden, a Professional Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer for six years; Jason McMaster, a Senior Draftsman for 10 years; Jake Fletcher, a Survey Party Chief, Construction Inspector and Material Inspector for three years; Shay Hearst, a Survey Instrument Man, Construction Inspector and Material Tester for seven years; and Steven Marshall, an Engineering Intern for the last two months.

Dot Oliver has also been serving Williams, Clark and Morrison as the Office Manager, helping the office to run smoothly for the last 18 years.

"Our company provides a wide variety of services, such as municipal works, county engineering, construction site layout, lot surveying and drafting, erosion control, roadway drainage and planning, as well as topographical surveys," Morrison said,

Williams, Clark and Morrison, Inc., is also involved with environmental assessments, water and sewer facility planning, and city planning.

Morrison said that the firm has a materials testing laboratory where they provide soil analysis and construction control. 

Technology in the engineering world has changed so much over the years that the firm uses an advanced system of computers and even global positioning software to ensure their projects are done correctly.

"The company has completely converted to computer-aided drafting and design," Morrison said. "This has greatly enhanced our surveying capabilities."

Morrison said that the benefits of working within Yazoo City are that there is very little traffic on the roads, which makes it easy for employees to get meals, and travel to home or work.

He also said that some of the challenges they face as a business are the lack of funds needed for local projects, such as paving streets or drainage improvements.

While there may be ups and downs of living in a small town, the members of Williams, Clark and Morrison would not have it any other way.

"We are here because we love it here and do not desire to go anywhere else," Morrison said.

Williams, Clark and Morrison is actively involved in the local business community and are members of the Yazoo County Chamber of Commerce.

"We see the common desire for our community to prosper," said Morrison. "I believe our future is for small business development.  Providing good employees for CF Industries and Nissan and preparing our young people for job opportunities at the Federal Correctional Complex."

Williams, Clark and Morrison, Inc., Consulting Engineers has been helping make Yazoo City a great place to live for nearly a century and will continue to aid the city's growth and progress for many years to come.