Veteran officer Andre Lloyd named new police chief

Assistant Chief Andre Lloyd has been promoted to lead the department. 
The Mayor and Board of Alderman named Lloyd the new police chief to fill the vacancy that followed the recent resignation of former chief Jeff Curtis. 
“It has been a tough hill to climb, and I have stuck with it,” Lloyd said, reflecting on his 25 years with the Yazoo City Police Department. “But we are trying to make everybody safe in Yazoo City. We are working hard to do that now.”
Lloyd joined the Yazoo City Police Department in 1991 as a patrolman. He was promoted to lieutenant 13 years later. 
“It took me about another year, but I was then promoted to captain,” he said. “From there, I worked the next four years to make Major. A few years later, I was promoted to assistant chief.”
Lloyd has also served as interim police chief twice in his career. 
Lloyd said he is honored to officially be named the police chief in a department he has served for over two decades. 
“The staff is really working well,” Lloyd said. “Everybody here is happy about moving forward.”
The department currently employs about 20 people. 
“But we need more manpower,” Lloyd said. “I would like to add four more officers per shift and also two more detectives.”
Lloyd said he will be focusing on patrol and more visibility, especially during the holiday season. 
“It is challenging this time of year because we have a lot of repeat offenders being released from prison during this time,” he said. “They get out and do the same thing. Unfortunately, they have also learned more in prison. As a department, we have to adapt.”
Lloyd said he is also hoping to bring unity within the department. 
“I want all the officers to come together as a family,” Lloyd said. “At one point, we were divided. I want to try to pull the team back together. We are trying to make the city safe, and we have to be a team in order to do that.”
Lloyd said he also plans to develop a better relationship with the community. 
“Having a positive relationship with the community will help us solve crimes because the community will feel more comfortable with us as a department,” Lloyd said.