Tornadoes confirmed in Little Yazoo and Vaughan


About 13 homes and one business were damaged during the severe weather that hit Yazoo County late Wednesday afternoon.

Tornadoes have been comfirmed in Little Yazoo and Vaughan. The tornado striking Little Yazoo was an EF-1 and the one that touched down in Vaughan was classified as EF-2.

“We did have some injuries reported, but they were nothing major,” said Jack Willingham, county emergency management director. “A woman with minor head injuries was taken to the hospital by a Pafford ambulance, and there were a few people who drove themselves from Vaughan to a Canton hospital with minor injuries.”

As of Thursday morning, damages were reported to 13 houses and one business. Those damages include:

• Five mobile homes on Gas Plant Road

• The Kinder Morgan Shop, a pipeline facility, on Gas Plant Road

• A mobile home on Fletcher’s Chapel Road

• Three homes on Vaughan Road

A tree fell into one home on Streamline Drive in Yazoo City

Three homes on Pepper Wilson Road

Willingham said there were also reports of minor roof damage on Dozier Road.

A local proclamation of emergency was being filed Thursday as damage assessments continued within the community. Additional tarps were also delivered by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Along with MEMA, the Madison County Emergency Management Agency was also assisting local officials.

“There is an online link to handle self-damage assessment,” Willingham said. “It is a self-report for primary residences only, not storage sheds or additional structures. It can be conveniently done online.”

The link to handle self-damage reports can be found at