Tina Ingram is a face of quality customer service at Bank of Yazoo City


There is a smiling face waiting to assist every customer who enters Bank of Yazoo’s location on Jerry Clower Boulevard.

After 20 years and counting with Bank of Yazoo, Tina Ingram is there to show customers what personal customer service really means.

Tina started her career as a young mother after graduating from Yazoo City High School in 1986.  Looking for a way to earn gainful employment which would lead her to a career, she attended Phillips College where she obtained a certification in Word Processing, which led to her first job in word processing at Deposit Guaranty Bank in Jackson in 1987.

For eight years, Tina commuted to Jackson while she worked at Deposit Guaranty, and also spent another two years in Jackson working for Allstate Insurance, but she missed spending time at home with her children.

It was in January of 1999 that Tina was given an opportunity to start working with Bank of Yazoo as a part-time teller.  By April of the same year, she was working full-time and has been with the Bank ever since.

Tina said, "I really like the convenience of living close to where I work, being where I am treated well, and everyone becomes like a family."

In her tenure at Bank of Yazoo, Tina also worked in the loan department before becoming a Vault Teller and a Customer Service Representative at the Jerry Clower location. Bank Chairman, Phil Williams, said, “Because of Tina’s experience and her example of what the Bank strives for in the way of customer service, in addition to her CSR role, Tina has most recently been promoted to Teller Manager of the Yazoo City and Flora branches. I am very proud of the way that Tina has advanced educationally and professionally. She is a quality employee who cares about our customers and community.”

While continuing her work at Bank of Yazoo in recent years, Tina graduated from the Mississippi School of Banking and also earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Belhaven University in 2016.

Some of the reasons that Tina has continued to work for the Bank after so many years are the many benefits that the company offers to its employees, and the small gifts of appreciation they are given at certain times of the year.

“Every year, we have the annual Christmas Party, and during the summer for the last three years, we have had a Bank family day watching the Mississippi Braves at Trustmark Park," Tina said.

As a Customer Service Representative with Bank of Yazoo, Tina's job is to assist customers with their basic account needs, from opening a new account, or making changes to an existing one.

"I help them with anything related to servicing a bank account," she said. "Anything from opening a new account, setting up internet/mobile banking access, a name or address change, adding a person to an account, or issuing debit cards.  I pretty much help customers as much as I can in a one-on-one setting."

Tina said that her favorite thing about working for the Bank is the opportunity to meet new people and build relationships with customers. She will always take the time to answer any questions a person may have.

"Not everyone knows everything about banking, and you can't expect them to know," she said. "We treat them the way that we would want to be treated.  We always try to listen to what the customer wants and help them the best way we can."

Tina said that the reason Bank of Yazoo is so important to the community is because it is a smaller bank, based in Yazoo City, and it is more personal and more helpful to its customers.

"We are a lot more personal, and we can offer a lot more one-on-one time with our customers," she said. "Of course, we still have the technology where you can manage your accounts or deposit a check using your smartphone, but as far as customer service, there is still a person that answers the phone instead of a recording, and I am sure a lot of people still appreciate that."

Tina is a Yazoo City native and has been married to Louis Ingram for 28 years.  She is also the mother of Natasha, Anthony, and Ashley Ingram.  With Proverbs 3:5-6 as her guiding light, Tina gives all honor and glory to God for each success that has blessed her life thus far.