Stevens retires from Postal Service


United States Postal Service workers are known for putting their heart and soul into their work.  They even have an unofficial creed dedicated to themselves as they complete their rounds. 

One of those dedicated workers was Elaine Stevens, who recently retired from the Yazoo City Post Office after serving there for 33 years.

Stevens began her career with the United State Postal Service in December of 1985 at the office in Flora. 

"When I first started in Flora, I sorted the mail, which they call distribution," she said. "I also worked the window and helped the customers."

After working 10 years at the Flora Post Office, Stevens transferred to the Yazoo City office in 1995.

"When I started in Yazoo City I still sorted the mail, but I also did some mail carrying too in Yazoo City," she said.

Along with her distribution duties, Stevens was also involved with handling the bulk business mail and permits, the P.O. Box section, handling customers at the clerk window and also helped customers get their passports.

"You do a lot of things when you work for the post office," she said. "You have got to like your job to want to stay there, and I enjoyed all of it.  I really did. "

Stevens’ decision to go to work for the Post Office was an easy one. For her it was a family affair.  She has had nearly 19 family members who worked for the Post Office at one time or another.

"My uncle worked here first, and then my mother," she said. "I just thought it would be a good job to have. My mother seemed to enjoy it and i just thought I wanted to do that too."

Many may remember Elaine's late husband of 44 years, Freddie Stevens, and her sons, the late Ryan Stevens, and Chad Stevens who now operates the family's wrecker service.

When her husband died, Stevens said that it was her job at the Post Office that kept her busy as she got through that difficult time in her life.

"I am not one to just sit down and do nothing," she said. "If I was not busy at the window helping a customer, I was going to be doing something else.  I have always got to be doing something."

Stevens said that some of her favorite memories working at the post office have been working with customers every day, and seeing all of the beautiful flowers as she delivered mail around Yazoo City.

Since retiring on May 31, Stevens has been on a family vacation to Florida, and has been spending time with other family members.  She has also been working in her yard planting flowers, and is active with some of the ladies programs at Central Baptist Church.

"My church has a ladies group that gets together on Tuesday mornings to crochet or make something for a good cause," she said. "It's just something I can look forward to and where we can get together with good Christian women and do something good for people."

Stevens said that while she enjoys her retirement, she will continue to look back on all of her fond memories of working at the post office, and all of the people she met along the way.

"The post office is a good place to work," she said. "We had good people working there with us and I enjoyed it very much."