Posey Campbell is committed to service


When the heat of the summer sets in, most people depend on their air conditioning units to keep them cool and comfortable.  However, most home units will often break down during what feels like the hottest week of the summer, and you suddenly need to call a professional.  Thankfully, Yazoo City has Posey Campbell to call upon for quality workmanship and service, and good conversation to pass the time.

Campbell started working in this business in 1981 with other companies and contractors out of Jackson. He opened Campbell's Air Conditioning and Heating Service in 1988 and has operated in and around Yazoo City ever since. Campbell said that his company celebrated its 30th anniversary on July 1.

With a total of 38 years of experience in the air conditioning repair business, Campbell has witnessed a lot of change and growth in the industry.

"Back when I first started, everything was pretty much hard-wired, what we called the 'old school' way," he said. "But since then, everything has gone electronic so we have to stay up to date on all of the new products."

Campbell takes pride in being an independent Trane dealer and maintains his dealership by attending training workshops and meeting the requirements needed year after year.

Campbell said that while he is a Trane dealer, he is more than capable of making repairs to any kind of unit at a home or business.  Campbell's maintains a service area within a 60-mile radius around Yazoo City, which means that he travels as far as Edwards, Belzoni, Canton, Durant, Pickens, and other smaller communities to make sure that his customers receive the quality work they are looking for.

"I can work on any brand of air conditioning equipment that a person has," he said. "We do a lot of change outs and replacements, and can even do custom work on a house when we need to."

Campbell said that loyal customer feedback and referrals is what has built his business over the last 30 years.

"I learned years ago that one satisfied customer will go and tell his next door neighbor or the people at church about how good your work was," he said. "But if you have one dissatisfied customer, he will tell the whole town in a week’s time about how bad a job you have done."

The quality of workmanship Campbell's Air Condition and Heating Service is backed up by an A-Rating with the Better Business Bureau, and Campbell said that he has rarely had a dissatisfied customer in all the years that he has been working.

Campbell said that being born and raised in Yazoo City, and working in Yazoo City, as well as having support from the community has given him a reason to want to give back in different ways year after year.

The Campbell's Air Conditioning and Heating Service logo can often be seen on T-shirts or cups at one of the local school football games, or supporting a local high school band. They often find a way to support community events like the Jerry Clower Festival held in Yazoo City every year in May.

"We try to support different things throughout the year just to spread out the goodwill for the people who support us in the community," said Campbell.

Campbell said that one of the most special things about his job is that he gets to help his customers in an honest way and prides himself in his ability to talk to his customers about the kinds of repair wok that needs to be done.

"I try to give them illustrations of what these parts do in common terms," he said.  "This way they know that I am fair and that I am standing by my work."

To Campbell, Yazoo is a unique place because it is the largest county in the state, and offers a diverse environment with all of its oil fields, farm land, hills and lakes.

"This is where my roots are," he said. "This is where I want to be. A small town like this is where your heart is."

Campbell said that the future of Campbell's Air Conditioning lies in the hands of his youngest son Allen, who will be returning in the fall to work on expanding the business.

"Allen has been doing air conditioning work for about six years now," Campbell said. "I am very impressed with his level of knowledge and skill, and I know he will be more than capable of growing this business."

Campbell said that he could not have made it this far without the help of his loyal customers over the years.

"I appreciate their loyalty more than they ever would imagine," he said. "This is my hometown, and every customer I have ever had I will always consider as my friend."