A personal touch at Yazoo Drug Company


At some point in time, nearly everyone has made a trip to a local pharmacy to pick up necessary medicine or to consult with a pharmacist about one or more of the medications they are taking.  Yazoo Drug Company of Yazoo City is committed to excellence in providing customers with all their medicinal needs as well as gifts for every occasion.

Yazoo Drug Company first opened its doors on November 25, 2013, inside of what was once the old Essco/Shooz Too building located in the plaza on Fifteenth Street in Yazoo City.

Donna Mohamed, owner of the pharmacy, said that they chose to open this business because of the many customers who were left behind when Essco closed its doors.

"It became apparent that our community members dearly missed the independent setting and were still looking for a new home," she said.

Mohamed said that after four years in business, the new pharmacy is continuing to grow.  The business now employs four pharmacists, Jennifer Richie, Lucy Bain, Joe Mohamed and Bruce Ruschewski; three technicians, Shelby Willingham, Mary Morgan Mohamed and Donna Mohamed; and one sales clerk, Ed Carter.

In the gifts department, Mohamed said that Amanda Greenlee and Ruth Brown are its anchors, and they mix well the talents and personalities of Lauren Kirk, Susann Link and George Anna Griffin.

Other Yazoo Drug employees include Patty Yates, Mary Russell Perry, Danyale Havens and Hannah James.

Mohamed said, that as a business, Yazoo Drug vows to keep up with the changing times while maintaining the personal touch that each customer deserves.

"From day one, we have vowed to provide excellent service, and this remains our driving force," she said. "And with each season, our buyers are looking for the newest and trendiest items to bring home to Yazoo City."

Mohamed said that Yazoo Drug currently accepts Medicaid and most private insurance and Medicare plan while offering competitive prices.

"We carry a variety of over the counter and medical supply equipment for cash purchase," she said. "Our pharmacists offer one-on-one counseling and over the counter consultations.  Yazoo Drug also offers free in-town delivery."

Inside the Yazoo Drug gift shop, a customer can find a variety of personal and home items for any occasion.

"We are the only local merchant carrying McCarty pottery," Mohamed said. "Our friendly staff is happy to assist you with the bridal registry, gift wrapping and delivery to your special someone."

Mohamed said that over the years God has blessed the business over and over.

"From our location, to the simple concept of how God wanted to use this store and its employees to serve Him on a daily basis, to providing the way and the means, Yazoo Drug has been blessed with memories too numerous to count," she said.

Pharmacist Jennifer Richie said that her favorite memory of working at Yazoo Drug was the blind faith that led her to get hired there.

"As we prepared to move to Yazoo City in order for Clint to be the pastor at First Baptist Church, I was searching for a job," Richie said. "Donna hired me sight unseen, no questions asked.  We have witnessed faith working things out here."

Mohamed said that the benefit of working in a small town like Yazoo City is the personal atmosphere. She added that knowing what a customer likes and knowing which afternoon that a person will routinely stop by can help take personal relationships with customers to the next level.

Mohamed said that the biggest challenge facing Yazoo Drug is the competition with big box stores who often monopolize the industry and may influence customers into making uneducated decisions with their medication.

Yazoo Drug is proud to be a supporter of many civic, school, and church events around Yazoo City.

"We annually sponsor a softball or baseball team, have participated in various parks and recreation organized events, and work numerous health fairs," said Mohamed. "We have also been a drop-off location for the drug take back program."

Mohamed said that Yazoo City is unique because it is a melting pot of people striving to live as one.

"It’s our responsibility to serve all people with the same level of compassion, and to welcome them into our Yazoo Drug family," she said.

Mohamed said that as a part of the local business community, Yazoo Drug works together with other pharmacies to ensure that patients are able to get the prescriptions they need.

"Working together in this field is a must, and it allows patients to have the best access to healthcare," she said.

Mohamed said that she would love to see the medical community within Yazoo grow to encompass more physicians and specialists, which would allow people to have more access to health at home.

"In the pharmacy world, we are allowed to celebrate births and recoveries, as well as mourn losses and an unfavorable diagnosis," she said. "These times, combined with a regular 'how are you today?' interactions, form tight-knit bonds that we hope show just how much we love Yazoo."

If you are in the market for a new pharmacy who will treat you like family, stop by Yazoo Drug for a one-on-one consultation with any of the pharmacists.  And while you are at it, take a look at the eye-catching home decor and gifts, hand-picked for any occasion.