Parker Builders celebrates 35 years in Yazoo


The Parker family has a business motto they have lived by for the past three decades, and they have proven they will support the local community in “whatever it takes.”

Parker Builders celebrates their 35 years of business within the Yazoo community this year. And the construction company’s foundation of family values and committed customer service are a testament of their success.

“We are thankful for all the business that we have received over the years, and we look forward for more to come,” said Paul Parker Sr., who founded the business in July of 1984.

Paul Sr. remains with the business he helped establish, and his sons have joined the operation that he formed within the community over 30 years ago. For the Parkers’, it truly is a family affair.

Parker Builders is a family-owned and operated business with an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. The local company specializes in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Paul Sr. said his father’s family first moved to the area in the 1930s and operated a farm.

“The Parker family has been serving this community since the 1930s,” Paul Sr. said.

Growing up, Parker Sr. always wanted to do something with the farming industry. But he also showed interest in the construction business and seemed to have a knack for building things. Bottom line, he had been on a job, any job, since he was about seven years old.

But Parker Builders did not happen overnight. In fact, Paul Sr. said he hit rock bottom when the company first became more than an idea and became a reality.

“I started from scratch, from the bottom in 1984,” he said. “But I was determined to build on a firm foundation. This second go-round has been a lot better than the first, but it still hasn’t been easy.”

Paul Sr. began developing a number of relationships within the construction and business world that helped lead to his success. His reputation grew, and those same relationships strengthened within Yazoo and beyond.

“We work with some of the finest people I have known,” Paul Sr. said. “It has been a big circle of relationships.”

Being a general contractor allows Parker Builders to take on multiple jobs. For the business, no job is too large or too small. They stand by their motto to do “whatever it takes” for superior results.

Sons of Paul Sr., Jamie and Paul Jr., also joined the family’s business. Paul Jr. admits his brother Jamie prefers to be on job sites while Paul Jr. said he enjoys dealing with customer services. But he admits it’s a balance that works wells and proves successful.

“Through the years, my roles have changed within the family business,” Paul Jr. said. “And the older Dad got, I took on more responsibilities with the customers. But aside from the customers, Parker Builders take care of families.”

There are 12 employees and a multitude of subcontractors within Parker Builders. And they all operate as if they are one large family.

“It is easy to take things for granted at times, but there is a lot of responsibility to make sure all our families are taken care of,” Paul Jr. said. “At Thanksgiving, you could really see how much these families have grown. And it is all because of Parker Builders. We are very fortunate.”

“There are always hills and valleys,” Paul Sr. added. “But if you can’t handle the rough times, then you can’t handle the good times either. And for our customers, we always make sure we do whatever it takes for them.”

The Parker family has also expanded into other business ventures, including Parker Quarter Horses and Clips Advantage and Hair Salon. The family also hopes for the future generation to continue the story and success within Parker Builders.

“Everyday our business continues to grow, one employee at a time,” Paul Sr. said. “We started back in 1984 with only one employee and worked our way up from there. We expect for one of our grandsons to take on the business. With that being said, we plan for our business to be around for many years to come.”