Moore leading PSC into the future


The Public Service Commission of Yazoo City has recently made changes in its leadership with the hiring of their new general manager, Richie Moore.

Moore is the son of Verstine Moore and Frizell Casey.  He currently resides in the Benton community with his wife Amy and their two children, Julian and Emily.

The 33-year old was officially hired on Feb. 13, following the retirement announcement of former General Manager Jimmy Wever. 

Moore has several years of experience working for utility companies, such as Yazoo Valley Electric Power Association and Entergy, where he served in different positions ranging from groundman and journeyman lineman, and also held leadership roles in engineering and design, distribution operations, and utility performance.

While working full-time, Moore also obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and most recently completed his Master's Degree in Business Administration from Mississippi College in May.

Moore's first full day on the job was on March 21, and was able to receive immediate training from Wever to ensure that this transition would go smoothly.

"Jimmy was very helpful in providing me with training regarding purchase power agreements, high-level water and waste water operations, and the governance and statues regarding public utilities." Moore said.

The Public Service Commission of Yazoo City provides citizens with electricity, water, and waste water utilities.  As the new General Manager, Moore said he wants to bring new ideas of using modern technology to operate more efficiently, and also to make improvements to current processes.

"Some of the things that I had in mind for PSC when I took this job were to find a way to communicate and leverage our low rates to enhance economic development in Yazoo City," Moore said. "PSC residential and commercial rates are significantly lower than many other utility providers in the State of Mississippi."

Moore added that most companies who are looking to launch new production sites often look at the cost of utilities when they decide on a location. 

"Some future plans that I have for PSC are for us to embrace the changes in the utility industry," he said. "Utility providers have reached a point where we have to make capital investments on enhancing our infrastructure, technology, and employees."

Moore said that his plans include replacing old infrastructure that may hinder operations and may make service less reliable, use technology to make operations more efficient and improve customer service, and train employees to that they can better adjust to the changing environment in this industry.

Moore said that the current operating status of the Yazoo City Public Service Commission is the ability to generate approximately 32 Megawatts of electricity inside the power-plant, providing electric service to 5200 customers, as well as supplying clean water to 4500 customers and waste water treatment to 4000 customers.  PSC also employees 53 people locally.

"I am aware that it will take some employees longer than others to trust a new leader," said Moore. "My job as General Manager is to treat employees with dignity and respect, to hold employees accountable, and to be fair."

Moore said that the Public Service Commission in Yazoo City is an asset to the community because it is operated locally and makes its customers a priority.

"Our response time to customer interruptions is significantly quicker than non-public utilities due to our operating centers being here in Yazoo versus being served from a network that may be 30 miles away," he said. "When adverse weather such as hurricanes or tornadoes occur in Yazoo, the residents and businesses here are our priority."

Moore said that he appreciates the opportunity he has been given to serve as the new General Manager at PSC.

"I would like to thank Chairman, Dr. Bill Nelson and the commissioners for giving me the opportunity to be the General Manager here at Public Service," he said. "Jimmy Wever, the former General Manager for teaching me the important information regarding the public utility area and a solid foundation to move forward, and also the employees here at PSC for their hard work and efforts."