Flood waters continue to rise in Yazoo County


With officials not anticipating a crest until next Thursday, flood waters continue to rise throughout Yazoo County with many residents on edge.

Although there have been no official evacuation orders, several roads have been swallowed up by the flood waters and some areas could slowly become unreachable as emergency officials urge residents to remain alert.

“Nobody has reported needing shelter yet,” said Jack Willingham, emergency management director. “But there are 14 roads closed right now.”

During Monday’s Yazoo County Board of Supervisors meeting, Willingham gave a detailed flood report to county leaders. He even held a community meeting Sunday with residents in the Holly Bluff area, which is an area of concern as the waters continue to rise.

Road closures include the gravel end of River Road, Satartia-Holly Bluff Road, Calihan Road, Clear Lake Road, the gravel end of Campbellville Road, Boat Club Road, Boat Club Lane, Steed Lane, Lake George Road, Townsend Road, Delhi Road, 12-Mile, 15-Mile and Whites Lane Road.

Willingham said he has been working with emergency personnel and home health agencies to touch base with special needs residents in the flooded areas. In the lines of shelter, the L.T. Miller Community Center will be available if any residents need to be relocated or provided shelter. A Red Cross trailer will also be available at the community center.

The Holly Bluff Volunteer Fire Department is also remaining on high-alert for potential rescue situations and to serve as a staging area. Other staging areas include the public boat ramp on Wolf Lake and the intersection of River Road and Satartia Road.

“Deputies and the county road department will also be monitoring flood areas and road conditions,” Willingham said.

Terry Gann, chief investigator with the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department, said citations will be given to sightseers in the flooded areas.

“Please do not go around the road closure signs,” Gann said. “You will be given a ticket. Homeowners will not be bothered unless they attempt to cross flood waters. The road deteriorates under the waters, and you don’t know what you are driving into.”

Willingham reminded the public that all hunting laws are still in effect even in flood waters.

“It is not open season on wild hogs,” he said. “You cannot shoot wild hogs from the road, at any time.”

As of Monday morning, the river stages were reported at 49.92, Mississippi River at Vicksburg; 36.36, Yazoo River in Yazoo City; 40.35, Yazoo River in Satartia; 98.51, Wolf Lake at 1-49; 95.56, Big Sunflower at Holly Bluff; 95.21, Steel Bayou; and 26.68, Big Black in Bentonia.

“If 1-49 goes under, which it will at 101.7, we will have to provide mutual aid to Humphreys County in the Deerfield Road area,” Willingham said. “And Humphreys County will provide law enforcement and mutual aid for the Holly Bluff area. If this happens, an additional ambulance will also be staged at the Holly Bluff Volunteer Fire Department.”

Gann also added that high-water trucks and a boat will be available if needed to respond to flooded areas.

“Humphreys County Sheriff’s Department will also be able to assist with calls in case we can’t reach certain areas due to the flood waters,” Gann said. “We also encourage anyone with an issue to call 911. The dispatch service will sort out what agency gets the call.”

Willingham also added that the public will be notified about water and road conditions as the community waits for the waters to go down.