Deputies make major drug bust in Yazoo City


It’s not easy to hide the scent of 90 pounds of marijuana.

Even though it was wrapped up tight in plastic and inside a metal storage unit, the smell of the two large packages is what sparked an investigation that led to what is likely the largest drug bust in Yazoo County history.

Sheriff Jake Sheriff said that deputies received a tip that the odor of marijuana was coming from a storage unit at a local storage facility. Once deputies confirmed that tip, they were able to get a search warrant for the unit.

After finding the large amount of marijuana inside the unit, investigators confirmed that the unit was being rented by Robert Earl Fisher Jr., a 39-year-old Yazoo City resident with a history of drug arrests and other crimes.

Investigators were then able to get a warrant to search Fisher’s home on Calhoun Avenue.

Chief Investigator Terry Gann said that Fisher has a history of violence, and deputies decided not to try to arrest him inside the home in hopes of avoiding a dangerous situation.

“We watched him and caught him outside a nearby convenience store,” Gann said. “We were able to arrest him quickly without incident.”

With Fisher in custody, deputies served the warrant on his home. Inside the home, deputies found about three pounds of crystal methamphetamine and over three pounds of cocaine along with a plastic gallon bag filled with marijuana and several guns.

Gann said it was the largest amount of meth and cocaine he has seen in one arrest in his long career in law enforcement.

“I’ve never seen so much,” Gann said. “I told the other deputies I can retire now.”

Several weapons were found in the home along with ammunition. Because Fisher is a convicted felon, it is illegal for him to be in possession of a firearm.

Sheriff said the charges related to the drugs found on Calhoun Avenue will be enhanced because the drugs were found within 1,500 feet of a school building. In Mississippi drug convictions can be doubled for drug offenses within 1,500 feet of schools.

Fisher was one of two suspects charged with shooting into a home on Oakwood Drive in 2013. He was on probation at the time of that arrest. He was also charged with shooting into a home in 2009.

In 2009 Fisher was convicted of possession of cocaine in Yazoo County and sentenced to 10 years, but only four months to serve and five years of post release supervision. A year earlier he had been convicted in Yazoo County Circuit Court of sale of marijuana. In that case he was sentenced to three suspended years, probation, and ordered to pay $260.50 in court costs. In 2008 he was also found guilty in Yazoo City’s Municipal Court of furnishing contraband to a prisoner and sentenced to the time he had already served.

Fisher remained in the Yazoo County Jail at press time.