Davis is a familiar face to Yazoo customers


Stanley Davis, the manager at 49 Exxon Fuelmart on Jerry Clower Boulevard in Yazoo City, is known for making every customer feel important.

Stanley was born and raised in the Brickyard Hill community in Yazoo City, along with his mother and his eight brothers and sisters.

Stanley attended school in Yazoo City at Main Street Elementary, and Yazoo City Junior High, before graduating from Yazoo City High School in 1986.

He had plans to become a travel agent, and briefly attended school at the Southeastern Academy in Kissimmee, Florida.

In the early 1990s, Stanley had a change of heart and decided to go into the retail business. 

"My first retail job was at Gibson's, where Dirt Cheap is now," said Stanley, "I was the sporting goods manager there."

When Gibson's closed, Mr. Bill Lloyd reached out to Stanley and told him about a new convenience store being built by the Mayfield family near the Country Club area.

Even though he was a little skeptical at the idea of working at a convenience store, he went to the interview anyway.

"I was a little scared of the convenience store thing at first," Stanley said, "But I was hired on as a night shift guy.  I was one of the first people they hired there.  I helped with everything, and did whatever they needed me to do."

Over the years, the name of the convenience store changed.  It is still commonly referred to as Mayfield's or Texaco by many Yazoo residents.

When the store ownership changed hands ten years ago, from Les Mayfield to Jared Mayfield, Stanley was made the store manager because of his increasing dedication to the customers.

 Stanley's aim is to make sure that all customers feel important and that they can get everything they need in one place, from gasoline and propane, snacks and drinks, and simple automotive essentials, to pizzas and even hunting and fishing supplies.

Stanley's business mindset kept the store going so well, that when K.B. Singh bought it, he told Stanley, "whatever you were doing for Jared, I want you to keep doing for me."

"I preach that everybody who walks in that door is important to me," said Stanley, "I don't care what race, creed, or status of your life, everybody who walks in that door is important."

Stanley also said that his favorite part about running the store is his interactions with the public.

"Even if a customer comes in having a bad day, I like to change that," he said.

 Over the years Stanley's favorite memories have been watching his store become a hot spot for local teens to come and hang out, and has often visited with local celebrities like comedian Jerry Clower and former governor Haley Barbour.

"When I first started here, Jerry Clower used to come into the store and I used to try to get him to say, ‘HAW,’ but he would never do it," Stanley said.

Some challenges that Stanley has encountered along the way are making sure they always have the items customers are looking for, and maintaining competitive gas prices with other big named stores in Yazoo City.

"I want to make sure we have the best gas," he said. 'I check it every day, and that's my biggest challenge really, is being competitive, making sure we have things in there for the customers, like making it a one time stop, and I want you to come in and I want you to be satisfied."

Stanley is a husband and a father, and he strives to instill hard work in the lives of his children.

"I want them to work, I want them to learn the trade," he said. "I tell them nothing is free, and if you want something then you have to work for it."

Stanley's advice to those who want a career in business management is to stay in school, read more, and always ask questions if you don't know something.

"You have to be a people person too," he said. "And make sure that everybody you meet is important, poor or wealthy, everybody is important."

Stanley and the other staff members at 49 Exxon Fuelmart would like to thank the people of Yazoo City for their patronage, and promise to continue their excellent customer service for years to come.