CF Industries: A Yazoo business that does it right


It is a familiar name within the Yazoo community, found on the shirts of its workers and the trucks they drive through town. And with her towering presence almost overlooking Yazoo City, it is a constant reminder of a quality product and service it provides with its dedication to the community.

It is CF Industries. And it’s done right.

“Our team is committed to volunteering and representing CF Industries and our values in our local community, assuring that we will ‘DO IT RIGHT’ all the time,” said Claudio Nascimento, general manager.

Nascimento arrived in Yazoo City in November of 2017 with 19 years of experience in manufacturing management and process improvement. Relocating with his wife Priscila, daughter Aallya and son Claudio Jr.  from Tulsa, Okla., where he worked for another CF Industries facility, he is impressed with the welcoming nature within Yazoo.

“I really like the area,” he said. “It is a charming town, with very friendly and nice people that are always trying to help. I really like the local restaurants. The food has a very nice southern flavor, which I love! Yazoo City has a unique character all of its own, and I really enjoy being a part of this lovely community.”

Nascimento said there are a number of exciting things happening locally at CF Industries. The facility achieved a historic low Recordable Injury Rate for the 2018 year.

“This record reflects the commitment of all employees on keeping our plant safe and free of any incidents,” he said. “This is our lowest number ever, since 1951 when we started production.”

CF Industries has also been more active than ever within the community, participating and supporting local schools, the Boys and Girls Club of Mississippi Delta, Rotary Club, Yazoo City Parks and Recreation and several other private and government organizations across the state of Mississippi.

But the impact of CF Industries goes well beyond its 360 employees. It reaches to local vendors as well.

“We are the second largest employer in the area with very competitive salary levels, comparable to the Oil and Gas industry around the United States,” Nascimento said. “Most of our employees are local, and this supports our local community.”

And the future is wide open for CF Industries.

“Since CF Industries acquired the Yazoo City Nitrogen Complex in 2010, we have made significant investments in upgrades and improvements in this site, resulting in improved overall safety, production, product quality, bringing more jobs to the area and supporting the local economy,” Nascimento said.

But Nascimento said it all goes back to the loyal employees at CF Industries. It is those workers that add a significant reward to his job.

We are all very proud of what we do here and how we do it,” he said. “I really enjoy working as a leader to our site, helping our team to achieve our results, working safely and responsibly. The biggest challenge is to continue to excel our overall performance. We have already achieved excellent numbers, recognized as a benchmark in our industry worldwide, but we realize that there is always room for improvement.”

It is the name CF Industries is built on. It’s the people who bring quality service to the final product. It’s the community that embraces the gem found within its facility.

It’s done right.

“I want to make sure that we really make this facility better every day,” Nascimento said. “We not only talk about improvements, but we take actions that are going to make our site safer, increasingly reliable and a great place to work. After all, we are CF Industries and we ‘DO IT RIGHT.’”