Carter and Pender are proud to be part of the BYC story


Bank of Yazoo City has remained dedicated to the community for over a century, committed to fulfilling financial needs as well as serving as a pillar in Yazoo’s history.

And it’s the employees within the institute who continue that tradition in the place they call “home.” They work in Yazoo. They live in Yazoo. And they believe in Yazoo.

For Jamey Carter and Daniel Pender, they are invested in Yazoo. Native sons, the duo is proud to be a part of BYC’s long history. And they are dedicated to giving back to the community that shaped them.

“This is my home, and it always has been,” Pender said. “When I look around, I see many friends and families that all support each other, and I want to be a part of that support.  Growing up here, I have always had that support, and I want the rest of the community to feel that support from me.”

Carter was born and raised in Bentonia. Having served in the banking industry for two decades, he has spent the last seven years with BYC, where he is currently Senior Vice President in the Yazoo market.

Carter is married to Amber Huffman, and they have two daughters, Resa and Kady Rose.

Being the second oldest financial institution in the state, BYC’s history is what makes Carter most proud to be a part of the bank.

“Bank of Yazoo prides itself in being able to share this with its customers and in the community,” Carter said. “Being founded in 1876, Bank of Yazoo has been through a lot of over its 143-year tenure and understands what it takes to move forward in whatever economic situation that may arise.”

Pender was also born and raised in Yazoo City. He has been with BYC for more than 14 years, now serving as the Vice President. He has two children, Mallory and John Wilson.

Along with BYC’s connection to the community, Pender is most proud of the momentum the bank continues to make in providing service. With a new branch now open on Jerry Clower Boulevard, it’s safe to say BYC has the future in mind.

“It makes me proud to see the Bank of Yazoo investing in its customers by building a new, more modern and easily accessible branch to help better serve them,” Pender said. “Being able to be a part of overseeing that building project was a true blessing.”

BYC is known for helping the community economically, but it also gives back through financial literacy classes to youth sponsorships to overall volunteerism.

“Each employee is active in various roles throughout Yazoo City and Yazoo County,” Carter said. “Most of the employees at the Bank of Yazoo who volunteer do it without being asked.  Bank of Yazoo understands the importance of giving back to the community and supports the financial needs of the communities in which it operates.”

Carter is past president of the Yazoo City Lions Club and currently serves as its treasurer. He is also a board member of Gateway Community Development and serves as treasurer and deacon at Central Baptist Church. He also finds time to volunteer coach for girls’ softball.

Pender is also very active in the community, serving on the Yazoo City Planning and Zoning Board and the Yazoo City Rotary Club. He is also a trustee at First United Methodist Church, where he and his children worship.

“I feel that it is important for me to give back to my community for several reasons,” Pender said. “Since I am raising my family here, I want Yazoo City to be the best place to live that it can be. I feel that if we as a community come together to support each other, we can accomplish that.”

Both Carter and Pender enjoy the support a tight-knit community like Yazoo gives to her residents.

“The tornado in 2010 and the flood in 2011 verified how the people of Yazoo come together and help rebuild our community,” Carter said. “When our oldest daughter was born, I told my wife I wanted to raise her here, so she could see first-hand, what it’s like to live in a community where neighbors truly care about each other.”

Pender said he has nothing but a positive outlook on the future of Yazoo.

“Although some industries have left over the years and have not been replaced, there is still a decent amount of industry and new businesses coming here,” Pender said. “And the people of the community always seem to come together to work towards the greater good of Yazoo County.”

Pender sees that potential in the number of commercial, agricultural and housing loans that are generated within Yazoo thanks to BYC. And the employees behind BYC stand behind that direction as well. 

 “The bank’s employees predominantly live in the Yazoo County area where they shop and pay taxes,” Pender said. “They are active in the community teaching financial education classes, volunteering in sporting activities in addition to serving various service organizations and non-profit boards.”

The satisfaction behind helping people reach their goals, buy their dream home, getting back land they have eyed for year…that is what makes both Pender and Carter proud.

And the added bonus of being a part of the BYC family keeps the future looking bright for the young bankers. Carter said it can be summed up with the BYC logo, three pillars representing the strength and commitment to the community.

“When you visit a local sporting event, or Chamber of Commerce event, or festival in Yazoo City, you will more than likely see a representative from the Bank of Yazoo,” Carter said. “This sends a clear message of how the employees are dedicated to getting the message to our community that we’re here for you.  After all, we’re known as ‘The Bank of You.’”