The Best Investment: Nick King's most important job title


Nick King and his family are an impressive investment package.

His family invests their whole hearts into whatever project they are involved with, including an agriculture business, a clean water ministry, a downtown endeavor and a Gospel fellowship.

Investment is a good word to describe the local family as they continue to give back to the Yazoo community through commerce, service and faith. They are investors in the future of Yazoo and the spreading of the Word.

“Life is busy, and the calendar seems to always be full,” Nick said. “But loving God and loving people is purpose. My prayer is that we will all be called to that and make the time to invest in people.”

It was over a decade ago when The Yazoo Herald published Nick’s business endeavor into the world of agriculture and irrigation. His work in remote sensing of irrigation techniques had things hopping in the realm of water stewardship. And people were starting to notice.

With water conservation in mind, King started his irrigation consulting business, PrecisionKing, in 2014. King's objective was to offer growers ways to be better water stewards and save money at the same time. His soil moisture units sent information remotely about the content of soil moisture in the soil profile, allowing growers to keep an eye on their fields' soil moisture via the internet.

It was business as usual until another water operation caught his eye. This pursuit was after the spiritual thirst, and GraceWater was born.

Amidst the poverty found in many African communities, GraceWater brought clean water to those communities with the construction of water wells. The Word of God overflows with regular Bible studies and fellowship among believers, as well.

 “That is why we do what we do,” Nick said, in a previous interview. “We are serving a practical function that becomes spiritual.”

GraceWater began with a group of volunteers who were led by their faith to bring hope to those in need. With several of them involved with agricultural technology, including PrecisionKing, the organization decided to focus on bringing water to those who do not have access to it.

Since its conception, GraceWater has traveled to rural Africa to install water wells for whole communities. Its mission continues to grow locally and internationally.

Not only does the mission bring clean water to the needy, but it also brings the Living Water. The Gospel is also poured out into the communities, and the GraceWater team leaves a growing Christian faith.

The King family are currently in Africa as this edition heads to the press. They are working on four well projects in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

“This trip is special because my family will be going this trip,” Nick said. “It will be a busy trip, but we are looking forward to God bringing clean water and the gospel to communities we will be working with.”

Even with PrecisionKing and GraceWater in full throttle, the King family continued their journey with the purchase of Webb’s Pharmacy in downtown Yazoo City.

Nick marks the business’s sixth owner since its operations began over a century ago.

“We were obviously drawn to the history with Webb’s being a pillar in this community,” Nick said at the time of the purchase. “A lot of businesses have closed in the last 30 years, but Webb’s has stood the test of time. It is unique to have the opportunity to become a part of something that has a 136-year history.”

Former owner Frank Webb said God had a hand in the business opportunity, adding it was His hand that led “two ships” together in the same path, at just the right time.

With business operations and faithful ministries, the King family believes in the Yazoo community. To them, it is the people who make the community such a special place and a place they want to give back to.

“Because of the tight knit community, our community is there for each other in the good times and the bad,” Nick said. “If you need help, they will stop what they are doing to give you the shirt of their back. Even if you don’t ask for help, if our community sees someone struggle, they will help without being asked.”

Nick said he sees nothing but love, kindness and hospitality from Yazoo’s churches, businesses and events.

“I think that is what everyone wants from their community, for it to feel like home,” he said. “My wife Ann and I are honored to call Yazoo home.”

And it’s the people who provide the success, Nick said.

“Yazoo has the best people in work,” Nick said. “Business is not about the work or the task but with the people you are working with. Ann and I are looking to invest in Yazoo and in the people in our community.”

Despite what successes Nick may have with his businesses, his first priority is knowing Christ and making Him known to others. The King family chooses to live for Him, ultimately leading their home and children to Him. That comes with being involved with their church family at First Baptist Church and taking the Gospel “to the ends of the Earth.”

“Time is our greatest asset, and we need to use it wisely,” Nick said.