20-Plus ACT Club

Yazoo County High School recently created the 20-Plus ACT Club to recognize the success of students with a composite ACT score of 20 or higher. Pictured from left are (front) Kenderian Dixon, Olivia Scoby, Kelcie Washington, Marinee Humphries, Cormon Rucker, Keon Sims, Kyron Sims (back) Emad Sana, Noah Howell, Javien Avery, Alonzo Lockhart, Luke Beatty and Earnest Young. Not pictured are Skylar Beliew, Kalyn Jefferson, Hope Poarch, Christian Scarcella, Tracie Scroggins and Johanna Tavera. Lockhart, Beatty and Scroggins all scored above 25 on the ACT.