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Kyle Wallace, head football coach for Manchester Academy, brought star players Peyton Saxton and Blayke Dendy with him to the Yazoo City Lions Club last week for a preview of this year’s football season.

The T-shirts sum it up: “The church has left the building.”
What church? The membership of Yazoo City's First Baptist Church (YCFBC).
Why did they leave? To go to the community.
Although the steeple and auditorium gracing the Jackson Avenue neighborhood for almost 70 years will soon be gone, the Rev. Caleb Clark assures the community that Calvary Baptist Church is “leaner and meaner” than it has ever been.
Tired of waiting on the city to fix the problem, a local businessman spent his own money to repair a highly-traveled city street. 

A Yazoo City business owner fleeing from deputies crashed into a Simmons Catfish truck Tuesday afternoon.

Although one former Yazoo County supervisor had to be ushered out of the room after refusing to be silent, the consensus among city and county leaders is that the joint meeting Friday between city and county leaders was productive.