Today's Top Stories

Even as a child, James Mallett always wanted to help people. It was his calling. 
And for a quarter of a century, he has lived the life of a community servant with his dedication and loyalty to the Yazoo City Fire Department. 
Hart Daniels has been named Benton Academy’s STAR Student.
She selected Ginny Jones as STAR Teacher.

Will Andrews (front) and Barrett Walton get a little tangled up as they both try to make a play during TCTI’s t-ball game against Farm Bureau. 

Epperson Kelly stirs up some dust as he sides safely into home plate during Ferguson Furniture’s win over Popeye’s. 

When no balls were getting hit her way during the softball season opener, Remington Rutherford wasn’t going to let that spoil the fun. Who needs a ball when you can catch your own glove?

Yazoo County Middle School’s science department got a taste of real success last year when Kalyn Jefferson placed second in the state science fair.