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Benton Academy came out strong and led for the first half, but Canton Academy came back in the second half to defeat the Raiders 58-49 in the A Central basketball tournament Friday. 

Bulldozers began moving dirt this week for the construction road of the highly-anticipated Wal Mart store on the Willie Morris Parkway. 
​Finding someone who has a calling to serve in the neighborhood that you grew up in is an extraordinary opportunity.  Being able to witness some of the activities and good deeds that were accomplished is life changing.   

Benton Academy’s Gage Pierce goes for the basket during last Thursday’s game against Greenville Christian School. The Central AA Tournament began on Tuesday and continues this week at BA. 

The body of a Yazoo City man was found gunned down in the parking lot of a local movie theater last weekend, marking the community’s first murder of the new year. 
Gazing up toward the sky, the steeple serves as a reminder of fellowship, faith and history. 
The outline of her bell tower can be seen from atop many hills and hovering above several valleys of the Yazoo landscape.